Recreational Soccer

Recreational Soccer

The Recreational Soccer program is a "Fun First" soccer program that stresses basic soccer fundamentals.  It is geared for younger kids who are looking to get started in the sport of soccer and for those who want to participate without the commitment and expense of competitive soccer.  The program is also a great way to springboard into competitive soccer as your kids get older if you are looking for a more serious, advanced level of youth soccer. 

Picture Night Included in Schedule

May 14th/15th are picture nights at Andover Community Center gyms.  Your team will be scheduled opposite of your practice day.  Please show up 15 minutes early.

Rec Schedules

Spring Rec

Spring/ Summer 2018 Rec & Comp Prep


Season Dates:                        
May 1 - June 28  

Rec Fee (includes full uniform):      Comp...

Summer Camps

Summer Camps


Parent Code of Conduct

Youth soccer is for the players. All parents associated with North Metro Soccer Association are invited to share in the pleasure of watching their children participate in the world’s most popular sport, so long as their behavior does not distract the players and officials from the free flow of play which is the trademark of the sport. North Metro Soccer Association prides ourselves on having respectful and engaged families, and we ask that parents...