Anticipated 2017-18 Comp Levels of Play and Coach Applicants

The NMSA is anticipating fielding the following levels of play in 2017-18 although final determination of Birth Years and Level of plays will be based on the number of participants in each age group.  Coaches who have applied to coach at each birth year as well as the paid Academy Coach at each birth year.  What levels of play coaches are assigned to depends on how their son/daughter places and will be posted when Player Identification results are released:
2009 Girls – Maroon and Gold - Alicia Jawarski

2008 Girls – Maroon and Gold - Megan Dillinger, Todd Lange, Brian Owen, Corey Schroeder

2007 Girls – C1**, C2 and C3 - Jason Jones, Lisa Langsdorf, Jim Yokom

**Academy Paid Coach Jessica Johnson

2006 Girls – C1**, C2 and C3 - Nikki Conant, Jason Jones, Joe Mau, Todd Olson, Corey Schroeder, Jason Stenquist

**Academy Paid Coach Jay Moore

2005 Girls – C1**, C2 and C3 - Brian Collier, Kurt DeRung, Carrie Mumm, Brian Owens

**Academy Paid Coach Brady Hicks

2004 Girls – C1**, C2 and C3 - Chris Carlson, Troy Dammer, Dan Fahland, Dan Stocke

**Academy Paid Coach Mike Friendt

2003 Girls – C2** and C3 - Sara Chartier, Steve Cooper, Myron Danylyszyn

**Academy Paid Coach Ryan Servaty

2002 Girls – *Premier/C1**, C2 or C3 - Dan Stocke
*Still Need to Determine Promotion
**Academy Paid Coach Mike Friendt
2009 Boys – Maroon and Gold - Dominic Krebsbach, John Musokwa, Joe NilesEric Roy

2008 Boys – Maroon and Gold - Bob Bushard, Dominic Krebsbach, Stephanie Milbradt, Joe Niles, Steve Van Gheem

2007 Boys – C1** and C3 - Bob Bushard, Fred Genther

**Academy Paid Coach Jay Moore

2006 Boys – C1** and C3 - Nancy Arnold, Fred Guenther, Ryan Schroeder

**Academy Paid Coach Mulenga Kapungulya

2005 Boys – C1** and C3 - Kurt Deile, Jay Neumann, Ryan Schroeder, Tim Spicer

**Academy Paid Coach Sean Beggin

2004 Boys – C1** and C3 - Troy Jacobson, Jay Neumann, Ryan Schroeder

**Academy Paid Coach Jacob Friendt

2003 Boys – C1** and C2 - Sean Beggin

**Academy Paid Coach Brady Hicks

2002 Boys – C2** and C3 - Chris Emery

**Academy Paid Coach Jason Jacob

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