August 2017 Approved Board Minutes

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August 2017 Board Meeting

Majestic Oaks


APPROVED 9/10/17

Members in Attendance:

David Tarleton, Tony Brown, Sara Chartier, Dan Stocke, Fred Guenther, Nichole Schroeder, Lisa McDaniel, David LaFlamme, Matt Haupert, Kara Dahl, Julie Owens, Ryan Schroeder, Lori Jorgenson



Kimberly Carr, Becky Widmark, Brady Hicks, Jason Jacob



Sharen Leska, Brian Shiek, Brian Collier, Shannon Collier, Cindy Backland, Bob Bushard


I.  Welcome

●   Meeting called to order at 8:30 pm on Sunday, August 13th, 2017 at Majestic Oaks by Vice-President, Tony Brown. With guests in attendance we let them talk with the board.

Brian Collier presented 3 proposed policy changes for Keeper Team Placement, Head Coach Assignments & Board Meeting Announcements.  The Keeper & Head Coach proposals will be reviewed with the comp committee and brought to the board at the September meeting. The Board Meeting Announcements proposal will be reviewed at the Executive Meeting and a proposal brought to the Sept board meeting.

II.  Approval of Minutes from June & July

Approval of June meeting minutes motioned by Fred Guenther, Lisa McDaniel seconded.  Motion passed.

Approval of July meeting minutes motioned by Lisa McDaniel, seconded by Julie Owens. Motion passed.

III.        Executive Committee update:

A. Treasurer’s Report -  The checking account balance is $79,735.79 (Of which $12,890.20 is team money) and savings is $115,364.32. Total of $195,100.11.

A Pre-Audit update will be presented at the September board meeting.

B. Andover HS & St. Francis HS - Proposed $300 donation to both the boys and girls soccer clubs for both high schools (total $1,200). This money is in the 2017 budget so no approval is needed.


IV.         Updates

A.     Comp – Sara Chartier - reviewed minutes that were sent out from their meeting.

B.     Academy – Ryan Schroeder - Uniform kits for the next year will need to be ordered.

C.          Rec – David LaFlamme - Fall Rec will be starting in a few weeks. There are 400 registrants currently and still have registration open to fill a few age groups. There will be a Soccer 101 meeting held on Monday 8/14 for new soccer families. Coach meeting is planned for 8/21.  There is also a Rec Coach Social being planned for 9/17 at Acapulco.

David motioned for up to $300 for food for the event.  Matt Haupert seconded the motion. Motion passed.

D.    Tournament - Tournament Committee proposes running the same tournament in 2018 with a slightly different format.  Propose running 4 days - April 26-29th.  Also recommend adding the U13/14 age groups to the event.  Motion to approve the tournament and tournament dates for 2018. Discussion regarding if we want the tournament we host to be a big money generator or if we want to keep the same format.  Recommend the Tournament Committee come back and have a pros/cons of each tournament type for approval in Sept.

E.     DSO – 2017 rule changes go into effect this fall.  U9/10 changes will be addressed during pool training.  U11/12 changes will be addressed with coaches by Jason.

F.     Admin - Kimberly is working on Fall registration. Academy teams will be able to set a budget and have families pay team fees online this year.  Registration is down 177 from last year at  end of season. Expect numbers to rise. (comp/rec/mini/academy)


V.        Old Business

A.   Parent/Coach Alliance - Fred recommends a 3 year partnership with PCA in place of our current PACT program.  Fred checked with Andover Basketball who has used the program in the past. Good feedback from them other than a high cost.

Fred proposes we move forward with PCA doing 3 workshops. Cost is $3,000 per year which includes 3 classes per year and 50 online class codes.  There is  two year option for $2,500 per year.

After some discussion, Kimberly & Lisa M. will discuss budget and costs further as it’s not something we currently budget for.  Decision tabled to Sept meeting.

B. Fundraising Ad Hoc - tabled to Sept

C. By-Law Update - tabled to Sept


VI.       New Business

A/E.    Tryouts - Brady proposed a different tryout process evaluation. Ultimately board agreed that the staff should use what they decide is best for next year.

Ryan brought a few thoughts behind processes being changed or clarified.  Ad Hoc Committee was formed with Ryan, Lisa L, Lisa M & Fred to clarify roles and responsibilities of the 2018 tryout process.

B. Pre Audit Findings - will review at the Sept meeting

C. Per Diem Policy - tabled to Sept

D. Annual Meeting - Board positions up for re-election: Julie Owens, Lisa McDaniel, Antoine Ziegler, David Tarleton, Lori Jorgenson, Matt Haupert, Sara Chartier. Please advise if you want to re-submit for your position.  Discussion regarding the size of our board - are we too large, too small, just right? Can some of our positions be volunteer members vs. voting board members.  More discussion/proposal at the Sept meeting.

F. Board Job Duties - ensure you are doing your board appointed job.

G. Waiver Update - currently discussing different option - are they approved on an annual basis? We need to be better at putting a $ cap on waivers, more waivers have been coming through this year than we normally see and most are being approved. Would like to get donations specifically to go towards fee waivers (fundraising committee).

H. Keeper Tryouts - we are working on changes and will propose at a later time.


Next Board Meeting - Next meeting is scheduled for September 10, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. at Andover City Hall.


VII.  Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the board meeting was made by Nichole Schroeder and seconded by Fred Guenther.  Motion passed unanimously by Board.

Submitted by: Nichole Schroeder, Secretary, NMSA