Incident Report Procedure

To report incidents that do not support NMSA's sportsmanship and conduct policy please forward the following information to:

Game Date, Time and Location:
Age, Gender and Level of Play:
NMSA Coach Name (If Known):
Name of Adult(s) Involved (If Known):
Brief Description of Incident:

Names of individuals submitting reports will be kept confidential, but we will need to record the email associated with it (and name if you wish to share) so we can follow up for more information as needed.  Thank you for informing NMSA of incidents that are not consistent with the following expectations:

In no way are any negative comments made about an official, a player, a coach or another spectator acceptable, period!  At no time should any spectator, for any reason, yell, gesture or engage in any way with a referee, opponent or spectator - no exceptions! Adults who yell, complain or criticize make difficult situations worse, not better, so there is zero benefit for people to engage in these behaviors. In simple terms, the only job of spectators is to encourage players and applaud their efforts - anything outside of that is not acceptable.