July 2017 Approved Board Minutes

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July 2017 Board Meeting

Andover City Hall


Approved 8/13/17

Members in Attendance:

David Tarleton, Tony Brown, Sara Chartier, Dan Stocke, Fred Guenther, Lisa Langsdorf, Nichole Schroeder, Lisa McDaniel, Antoine Ziegler, David LaFlamme, Matt Haupert, Kara Dahl, Julie Owens, Ryan Schroeder


Mike Friendt, Brady Hicks, Jason Jacob


Sharen Leska, Brandon Dobratz, Melissa Lindberg, Cindy Butler, Shane Butler, Shanna Klein, John Mosokua, Stephanie Milbrandt, Brandi Rubischko, Mark Rubischko, Amanda Goar, Clay Dehaan, Kelly Haupert, Angie Groebner

I.  Welcome

●   Meeting called to order at 8:30 pm on Sunday, July 9th, 2017 at Andover City Hall by President, David Tarleton. With the number of parent guests we are amending the agenda to move the U9/10 Pool Play Discussion to the beginning of the meeting.

II.  U9/10 Pool Play Discussion

Player parents shared their concerns with moving forward with the current U9 (2008) age - lack of communication, some aspects of the pool play not figured out yet, coaches from other levels of play (gold/maroon) will not know their child/playing abilities, no cohesiveness of practice structure, scheduling issues, how will team fees/tournaments be figured out.

III.        Executive Committee update:

A. Treasurer’s Report -  Tabled

B. Waivers/Refunds - Tabled

IV.         Updates

A.     Comp – U9/10 Pool Play - After hearing the parents concerns regarding pool play for the 2008 age level we’ve noted the following as items that need to be worked out before the beginning of the season:

  • Tournaments

  • Fees

  • Scheduling

  • Notification

  • Manager group

Fred motioned to amend the U9/10 Pool Play that was approved in the June Board Meeting:

U9 Boys/Girls - As stated

U10 Girls - As Stated

U10 Boys - (2008) Modified Pool Play  - Split into fixed teams based on current team formation process, one day per week will be pool training with two directors for the duration of the 2017-2018 season.  Other days of team training will be by coaches with directors on site and available as needed.  

Antoine seconded the motion. Motion passed.  

Coach/Trainer Survey Update - Brady has compiled responses/results and will share with trainers and coaches.

Comp Manual to be integrated into the website vs. a long PDF document.

B.     Academy – Mike Friendt - Moti - discussed how we can utilize this for the fall season. Developing a Player Eval form for coaches to share with their players 1-2 times per year; focuses on what they are doing well at and what they need to work on.  Want to create a Futsol league for the winter season.

C.          Rec – David LaFlamme - The end of season Jamboree went well.  They did have to cancel the last games of the day due to bad weather. Thank you Kimberly & Becky for all the work!  Scheduling a Fall Parent 101 meeting for 8/14 and planning on Rec Coach Meeting on 8/21. There are 3 Comp Prep teams playing in USA CUP.

D.     DSO –

  1. Brady is taking care of Coach Interviews this week and next.

  2. Age Group Rankings will take place next week

  3. MOTI - they are reformatting a few things, adding session plans, planning to incorporate in rec, comp prep and young comp teams for Fall 2017.

  4. Fall 2017 rule changes - will review updates with coaches once teams are formed/players placed.

  5. Tryouts for 17+ teams - will add coach names to website to contact for more information on tryout times and locations.

V.        Old Business

A.   Ad Hoc Committee Updates

  1. Parent/Coach Alliance - Fred has researched PCA. There are many options for the club for both parents, coaches and players.  Fred will provide a proposal for the August meeting.

  2. Parent Code of Conduct - Fred has found a Parent Code of Conduct that some other clubs have posted on their website. We will review and update verbiage to fit NMSA and get posted online.

VI.       New Business

A.    MN United Tickets -

Ticket fees for the 2018 season have been posted. The price is staying the same for our current ticket/location - $340 per ticket (we have 4 season tickets). The Executive Committee motions that we continue with our season tickets for the MN United for next year.  Antoine seconds the motion.  Motion carries.


B.     Committees

Note that the following board members/positions are on the following Committees:

  • Comp Committee - Vice President, U9/10 Director, U11/12 Director, U13+ Director, Coaching Director.  Additional members - Lori Jorgenson, Antoine Ziegler

  • Academy Committee - Treasurer, Academy Director, Development Director. Additional Members - Matt Haupert, Julie Owens, Dan Stocke

  • Rec Committee - Rec Director, Secretary, Rec Coordinator, Technical Director. Additional member - Kara Dahl

*We sold our golf cart for $2,500.

Next Board Meeting - Next meeting is scheduled for August 13, 2017 at 8:30 p.m. at Andover City Hall.

VII.  Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the board meeting was made by Matt Haupert and seconded by Tony Brown.  Motion passed unanimously by Board.

Submitted by: Nichole Schroeder, Secretary, NMSA