November 2017 Approved Board Minutes

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November 2017 Board Meeting

Andover City Hall


APPROVED by NMSA Board 12/10/17

Members in Attendance:

David Tarleton, Dan Stocke, Fred Guenther, Nichole Schroeder, Lisa McDaniel, David LaFlamme, Matt Haupert, Kara Dahl, Julie Owens, Brian Collier, Lisa Langsdorf, Ross Johnson,Coral-Lyn Wyman, Sara Chartier, Tony Brown



Kimberly Carr, Brady Hicks, Jason Jacob, Sean Beggin, Becky Widmark



Sharen Leska


I.  Welcome

●   Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm on Sunday, November 19th, 2017 at Andover City Hall by President, David Tarleton.

II.  Approval of Minutes

Approval of October meeting minutes motioned by Lisa McDaniel, seconded by Fred Guenther. Motion passed.

Approval of after 10/29 Meeting Minutes motioned by Lisa Langsdorf, seconded by Brian Collier. Motion passes.

III.        Executive Committee update:

A. Treasurer’s Report -  The checking account balance is $122,302.85 (Of which -$838.88 is team money; Academy teams will get their $3,000 deposited this month) and savings is $115,506.60. Team accounts for November are delayed but will go out this week.

Tony Brown motions to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Nichole Schroeder, seconded the motion. Motion passes.

B. Conflict of Interest Policy & Principles and Practices

Board member annual signatures

C. MYSA AGM Update - David & Kimberly attended this year’s MYSA annual meeting.  Noticed that attendance was low this year and there wasn’t too much to review.

MYSA Bylaw changes - all that were proposed were approved - these were mainly verbiage clean up.

MYSA Rule Changes - the following 3 new rules all passed.

  • All Player Passes are now Club Passes - this allows players to play at all levels in an age group and an age group higher.  You can have up to 5 club pass players per game, players do need to be DOC approved prior to play.
  • All C2/C3 teams will now be self-select.
  • There will be a new Second Tier of the Premiere level.  Both Tier 1 & Tier 2 will have 6 teams.  At the end of the year, the bottom two Tier 1 teams will move to Tier 2; the top two Tier 2 teams will move up to Tier 1.

IV.         Updates

A.     Comp – Brady

  • Reviewed feedback from parents on Pool Play.  Mostly happy results.  Are creating an FAQ sheet so all are up to speed on this new program.  We will post online for all families to have access to.
  • Organized the fee structure of C2/3 teams
  • Winter training options have been finalized.  There is current Keeper training opportunity at the NSC on Thursdays until January.  Email with details will go out to the club.
  • Reviewed policy on the number of coaches per team - want to limit sideline to 2 adults.  Formal policy and updates will be presented at the December meeting.
  • Play Ups - working to limit allowed play-ups as it hurts their current age group down the road.  New approvals for 2018:

2008 & 2009 - no play ups allowed

2006 & 2007 - need to place in top 6 during Player ID

2005 & older  - need to place in top 11 during Player ID

B.     Academy – Dan Stocke - Discussed adding a page to the Academy tab on the website for College Recruiting.  Hoping to post some information on the process and some videos to help parents.  Also discussed Twin City Soccer League - how will this affect our 2018 player ID, will recruiting be an issue, how do we retain players?

C.          Rec – David LaFlamme - Reviewed concussion training for all rec coaches (new for Rec) - will do a training at the pre-season coach meeting, those who miss will have to complete online.  The Rec Manual is being reviewed and updated; will present at the December meeting.  Reviewed survey results - MOTI wasn’t seen as a useful parent tool.  

D.    Tournament - Sean Beggin - We are all set for our submission which is due Monday, 11/20.  We will be submitting as a Jamboree vs. a tournament, this also has a smaller fee and the jamboree style fits our goals for the event.

E.     DSO – Jason Jacob

MOTI - looking to move forward in 2018 and cutting back the number of users to 100 (2017 was 1,000 users) and using this primarily as a coaching tool.  Will use with rec, comp prep, and U9-12 coaches.  Awaiting confirmation of costs for 2018 and will present for approval in December.

Team Genius - Player ID and Player Evaluation tool - with the changes to the 2018 Player ID process we are looking for a tool to help our current very manual process.  This tool can be used for Player Evaluations as well to keep all information in one place and accessible to others.  More review of other options will be done prior to the December meeting and voted upon at that time.

Codes of Conduct - Ad Hoc Committee will meet and propose how we keep track of the signatures and keep track

2018 Summer Camps - please send any feedback on summer camps - would like to finalize in December.

Concussion Training / Background Checks - all coaches and team managers will need to complete a new background check this year.  ALL coaches will need to complete concussion training - this is valid for 3 years and it’s now time to have all complete again.

F.     Admin - Kimberly - We have 210 comp registrations to date; 48 winter training registrations.  Our holiday party will be on December 10th at the Refuge.

Tournament & Spring Rec registration will open January 1st, 2018.


V.        New Business

A.  Bylaws - Board Members reviewed online updates to the bylaws.  

Lisa Langsdorf motions to approve with verbiage changes.  Coral-Lyn Wyman seconds the motion. Motion carries.

B. Program Policies - Board members reviewed online.  Note to add MN State Law (121A), update any references to live links to the MYSA website so it’s always up to date.

Lisa McDaniel motions to approve with the updates noted below and any verbiage updates needed.  Lisa Langsdorf seconds the motion. Motion carries.  Kimberly & Lisa McDaniel to review together and make the updates.

C. New Ad Hoc Committees

  • Twin City Soccer League - Identify concerns for this new league, potential issues.
    • Mike Friendt, Dan Stocke, Fred Guenther, Brady Hicks
  • Academy/Competitive Committee - review if it’s necessary to have two different committees or if it’s better to merge into one.
    • Lisa McDaniel, Sara Chartier, Matt Haupert, Lisa Langsdorf

D. Player Evaluation Process - emailed out

E. Advertising in Soccer Times

2018 ad proposal includes a ½ page ad in January (electronic version only) and 2 ½ page ads in March & May (print & electronic).  Electronic ads will be sent out two times - the 1st and 15th of the month.  We will be able to get analytics on our ad.  Cost is $2,225 for the year. 2017 we had 3 smaller ads at a cost of $2,135.

Lisa McDaniel motions to approve up to $2,225 for advertising in the Soccer Times in 2018.  Fred Guenther seconds the motion. Motion passes.

F. 2018 Budget

Lisa McDaniel motions to approve standard operating costs to move forward in 2018 until our budget is finalized. Tony Brown seconds the motion. Motion passes.


VI. Old Business

  1. Fundraising Ad Hoc - we have created a two-sided brochure/flyer and are ready to start soliciting donations.  We created a Give to the Max page - generated $45.  We recently received a check from Amazon Smiles for $10.35.  We have an updated banner we can include in the website.  We will send out a donation reminder for volunteering and also ask for any leads for larger donations.

  2. Referee Ad Hoc - Sharen, Sean & Dan met and are looking to get up and ready for Spring 2018.  Hoping to start with leads that Becky has from Fall rec.  Sharen is looking into requirements/cost.  We would ideally use for our Spring Tune Up Jamboree as well - the assignor would need to be a MYSA certified assignor.  Need to finalize our 2018 Referee Clinic.  Continue to offer to pay for a parents fees when they sign up with their child and also ref 3 games for North Metro.

  3. Banking at Minnco -

Lisa McDaniel motions we move our banking services to Minnco and open new accounts.  Note that our bank signers would be as follows:  Admin Director, Director of Soccer Operations, President & Treasurer.  Only one signature is needed on all checks, a member of the Executive Committee will initial all checks (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary). Dan Stocke seconds the motion. Motion carries.

VI.       Personnel - Closed to the Public

Next Board Meeting - Next meeting is scheduled for December 10th, 2017 at 4:00 pm. at The Refuge.  Our Holiday Party will be held afterwards at 5:30 for dinner.


VII.  Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the board meeting was made by Tony Brown and seconded by Lisa Langsdorf.  Motion passed unanimously by Board.

Submitted by: Nichole Schroeder, Secretary, NMSA