Oct. 29th 2017 Approved Board Minutes

10/29 2017 Board Meeting - after the AGM

Bunker Hills Activity Center


Approved by NMSA Board on 11/19/17

Members in Attendance:

Tony Brown, Sara Chartier, Kara Dahl, Lisa McDaniel, Nichole Schroeder, Dan Stocke, David Tarleton, Lisa Langsdorf, Matt Haupert, David LaFlamme, Fred Guenther, Lisa McDaniel, Julie Owens



Kimberly Carr, Brady Hicks, Jason Jacob, Sean Beggin, Mike Friendt



Sharen Leska, Brian Collier, Coral-lyn Wyman


I.  Welcome

●   Meeting called to order at 8:15 pm on Sunday, October 29th, 2017 at Bunker Hills Activity Center by President, David Tarleton.

II. Amending Parent Code of Conduct    

Comp Committee motion to update the Parent Code of Conduct to include a parent signature.  Reminder that this will replace PACT and will be required at the time of registration.

Lisa McDaniel seconded the motion. Motion passes.


Lisa Langsdorf motions to amend the last paragraph in the Parent Code of Conduct

    ...conduct by any parent, guardian or guest…

Dan Stocke seconds the motion. Motion carries.


III. Amending Player Code of Conduct

After reviewing the Player Code of Conduct, recommend we update the following:

3rd bullet point - add ‘or referees’

4th bullet point - add ‘or referees’

Tony motions to make the above amendments.  Nichole seconds the motion. Motion carries


Lisa Langsdorf motions we also update the word ‘child’ to ‘player’ throughout the Player Code of Conduct.  Nichole seconds the motion. Motion carries with the President making the deciding vote.


Kara Dahl motions we update the 1st Bullet Point - updating ‘…(or my parents)...’ to ‘...(or my parents/guardians)...’.  Also updating ‘If they are…’ to ‘If I am..’

Tony Brown seconds the motion.  Motion carries


Lisa Langsdorf motions to remove the 6th Bullet point.  Matt Haupert seconds the motion. Motion carries.


Lisa McDaniel motions to update the 7th Bullet Point - replace the word ‘after’ with ‘at’.

Fred Guenther seconds the motion. Motion carries.


The Ad Hoc Committee motions to implement the new Player Code of Conduct with all competitive players.  Fred Guenther seconds the motion.  Motion carries.


VII.  Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the board meeting was made by Tony Brown and seconded by Lisa Langsdorf.  Motion passed unanimously by Board.

Submitted by: Nichole Schroeder, Secretary, NMSA