October 2017 Approved Board Minutes

October 2017 Board Meeting

STEP (1353 Highway 10 W, Anoka, MN 55303)


Approved by NMSA Board 11/19/17

Members in Attendance:

David Tarleton, Dan Stocke, Fred Guenther, Nichole Schroeder, Lisa McDaniel, David LaFlamme, Matt Haupert, Kara Dahl, Julie Owens, Lori Jorgenson, Lisa Langsdorf, Antoine Ziegler



Kimberly Carr, Brady Hicks, Jason Jacob, Sean Beggin, Mike Friendt



Sharen Leska, Teresa McAlpine, Ross Johnson


I.  Welcome

●   Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm on Sunday, October 8th, 2017 at STEP in Anoka by President, David Tarleton.

II.  Approval of Minutes

Approval of September meeting minutes as amended motioned by Matt Haupert, seconded by Julie Owens. Motion passed.

III.        Executive Committee update:

A. Treasurer’s Report -  The checking account balance is $118,272.87 (Of which $2,66578 is team money) and savings is $115,306.60. Trilla is still closing 6 team accounts from the 2016-17 soccer season.

Antoine Ziegler motions to approve the Treasurer’s Report. David LaFlamme, seconded the motion. Motion passes.


B. Sanneh Foundation Update - we are moving forward with a $1,000 donation to the Sanneh Foundation for partnership with our summer camp.


C. DOC Course Update - We will send 2 of our 4 trainers to this year’s NSCA Coaching Course.


IV.     Pre Audit Report - Teresa McAlpine from SDK presented results of the pre-audit, geared to helping NMSA be ready for a MN State Audit.  See attached overview from SDK.

Motion to accept the report submitted to the NMSA Board by SDK by Lisa McDaniel. Lisa Langsdorf seconds the motion. Motion carries.





V.     New Business -

  1. Pre-Audit

    1. Accrual Accounting - moving towards accrual accounting will provide a more accurate way of tracking records and liabilities.

Motion to move forward with accrual based accounting system made by Lisa McDaniel; Nichole Schroeder seconds the motion. Motion carries.

    2.    Fiscal Year - Motion to move our fiscal year (currently calendar year) to our soccer year (August 1 - July 31). This would entail finishing our 2017 year on Dec 31st, then begin an abbreviated fiscal year of Jan 1 - July 31,2018.  August 1, 2018 would begin our first new fiscal year (8/1/18 - 7/31/19).  Antoine makes motion, Lisa Langsdorf seconds the motion. Motion carries.

    3.     Records Storage - DIscussion about where things are currently.

Motion made by Lisa Langsdorf to move towards cleaning up our record storage. We will reset our record storage standards with recommendations from SDK and start implementing as club policy.  Antoine Ziegler seconds the motion. Motion carries.

    4.    Chart of Accounts - We would like permission to do a deep-dive into our chart of accounts that are set-up and start merging accounts, making accounts more consistent. Doing this will help us see how profitable each program is much easier.

Lisa Langsdorf motions to move forward with digging into our current chart of accounts and making recommendations to amend. David LaFlamme seconds the motion. Motion carries.


B. Accounting Services - moving this topic to later in the meeting.

C. Referee Ad Hoc Committee - Sharen Leska, Sean Beggin, Dan Stocke, David Tarleton

D. MYSA AGM By-Law & Rule Change Review

3 new By-Law changes - ok to vote in favor of all 3 below (verbiage clean up).

4 Proposed new rule changes:

  1. Player Releases - ok to vote in favor

  2. Level of Play - ok to vote in favor

  3. Playing UP and Across - ok with 3 players and only at the C2, C3 levels.

  4. 10.0 Premiere Leagues - challenge why 4 vs 2 teams relegated. OK with second level of premiere.


VI.         Updates

A.     Comp – Brady - Propose changing the Comp paying time rules - updating from 30% to 50% of playing time per season; sending this to the Academy committee for review/input as well.  Comp website updates - working on getting bios for all trainers, Kimberly will follow up.  Meeting dates will be posted but no agenda or minutes from meetings.

B.     Academy – Mike F. - Training Kits are being ordered, final roster confirmation have been sent, US Club registrations are in process. Indoor trainings - working on covering any gaps for November/December. Budget reviews - scheduling team meetings. Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL) preparing for future team formation impact. Teams are completing their first round of player evaluations.


C.          Rec – David LaFlamme - Fall Rec Jamboree is this coming Saturday.  There are still some volunteer openings.  U8 rules will be reviewed prior to spring season.  


D.    Tournament - Antoine - we are moving forward with tournament dates May 11 - 13th.  We are moving our focus to C2, C3 and comp prep teams and keeping the jamboree format.  Application has been submitted to MYSA.  


E.     PACT Policy - Fred recently shared 17 policies with the board. Recommends moving forward with posting these policies online and not doing PACT/PCA going forward.  These policies will need to be reviewed and make sure policies are stated correctly for NMSA.

Comp Committee recommends that the Parent Code of Conduct and Player Code of Conduct are signed during registration.  Lisa McDaniel seconds the motion. Motion carries.   

Ad Hoc Committee to review these 17 policies - Lisa M., Lisa L., Kara Dahl, Fred Guenther, Kimberly


F.    DSO – no update


G.     Admin - Kimberly - Comp registration is now open. 50% have chosen payment installments which is helping increase the # of registrations completed.

Motion to modify spring fees - any family that registers by Dec 1st will receive a $60 credit. Any registrations AFTER Dec 1st the spring registration fee will be $310.

Lisa McDaniel motions for the above proposal; Antoine Ziegler seconds the motion. Motion carries.


V.        Old Business

A.  Fundraising - Tabled to November meeting.

B.. AGM update - Here are the positions up for re-election:  President, Treasurer. At Large positions - Julie Owens, Lori Jorgenson, Sara Chartier, Antoine Ziegler and Ryan Schroeder.

Lori Jorgenson & Antoine Ziegler have chosen to resign after this term.  AGM information will be posted on the NMSA website.  Meeting will be held October 29th, 7pm, Bunker Hills Activity Center.


VII.       Personnel - Closed to the Public

Next Board Meeting - Next meeting is scheduled for November 11th, 2017 at 7:00 pm. at Andover City Hall.


VII.  Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the board meeting was made by Antoine Ziegler and seconded by Lisa McDaniel.  Motion passed unanimously by Board.

Submitted by: Nichole Schroeder, Secretary, NMSA