September 2017 Approved Board Minutes

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September 2017 Board Meeting

Andover City Hall


Approved 10/8/17

Members in Attendance:

Tony Brown, Sara Chartier, Dan Stocke, Fred Guenther, Nichole Schroeder, Lisa McDaniel, David LaFlamme, Matt Haupert, Kara Dahl, Julie Owens, Ryan Schroeder, Lori Jorgenson, Lisa Langsdorf, Antoine Ziegler


Kimberly Carr, Becky Widmark, Brady Hicks, Jason Jacob, Sean Beggin


Sharen Leska, Brian Collier

I.  Welcome

●   Meeting called to order at 8:00 pm on Sunday, September 10th, 2017 at Andover City Hall by President, David Tarleton.

II.  Approval of Minutes

Need to amend the positions up for re-election - add names of those up for re-election vs. positions. Except for President & Treasurer.

Approval of August meeting minutes as amended motioned by Matt Haupert, seconded by Tony Brown. Motion passed.

III.        Executive Committee update:

A. Treasurer’s Report -  The checking account balance is $39,399.07 (Of which $5,418 is team money) and savings is $115,364.32. Total of $154,763.39.

Tony Brown motions to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Fred Guenther, seconded the motion. Motion passes.

B. Plan for NMSA Meeting Minutes - The NMSA Board meeting minutes will be posted online the week after they are approved at the board meeting.

We ask the Comp/Academy/Rec/Tournament committees to decide how they would like to share meeting updates with the community and bring to the September board meeting.

C. Plan with Staff - dropped from meeting agenda.

IV.         Updates

A.     Comp – Sara Chartier - Discussed communication between staff and volunteers. Things are currently working well and will re-address if needed. Minor changes to the Age Group Coordinator job description were updated as the following:

  • Identify potential new coaches, participate in coach interviews as needed when requested by the Coaching Director, train new coaches and team managers

  • Assist with team formations as needed when requested by the Coaching Director

B.     Academy – Ryan Schroeder - Next meeting is set for 9/18, 8pm @ Oak Roads.

Working on getting training kits ordered, indoor training schedules (Jason), US Club registrations (Kimberly) and scheduling meetings with teams to review budgets.

C.          Rec – David LaFlamme - Fall Rec has started.. There were many last minute registrations ending up with 450 kids this fall. Parent Soccer 101 meeting held on Monday 8/14 had good attendance.  The coach meeting had great feedback for Sean helping lead and had a good turn-out.  Next Rec meeting will be held on 9/17, 5:45 @ Acapulco prior to the first Rec Coaches Social.

Our first season owning rec refs has started well.  All open ref positions are filled! Sean will meet with the refs again before games this coming Saturday for a quick review.

D.    Tournament - Tournament Committee was challenged to give feedback between a development tournament vs. an income generator for 2018. We are recommending moving to a 4 day tournament (Thurs - Sun) and propose moving the weekend to the second weekend in May to avoid other northern suburb tournaments.

Discussion - should this tournament be more of a C2/3 focus? MYSA Pool Play days (U9/10) are on Saturdays in May which could cause a challenge for other clubs participating. With so many traditional tournaments available, how can we still make ours more development focused?  Follow up with Sean/Jason/Brady for some other ideas we can incorporate into the tournament.

Tony motions we submit an Intent to Host a Tournament 5/11-13. Lisa McDaniel seconds motion. Motion passes with 2 opposed.

Things to note - determine guest player options with Mother’s Day/Fishing Opener/MYSA Pool Play Weekend.

E.     DSO – Coach socials are scheduled, $300 food budget per event:

Rec 9/17, 6:45 @ Acapulco

Comp/Academy 10/1 @ Acapulco

Director of Coaching Course NSCA is being held in MN. $445 for a non-member, $350 for members.  Would like to see if Jason/Brady/Sean/Mike attend. Lisa M woud like to re-look at the budget for coach education. We have until October to register so will table until October meeting.

Sanneh Foundation Camp - We hosted  Sanneh Foundation camp this past summer.  With each camp, Sanneh looks for a donation (we have no cost in running the camp). With over 100 participants, Sanneh looks for a $1,000 donation. Lisa M would like to look into the budget (#”s don’t match up).  

Fred motions we donate $1,000 to Sanneh Foundation if the funds are available. Lisa Langsdorf seconds the motion. Motion passes.

Comp Prep / Target United Cup - with only 1 other club participating in Fall Comp Prep, Jason would like to offer Comp Prep teams the opportunity to play in in the Target United Cup on 9/30. Cost is $75 per team, total cost to send 4 teams would be $300.

Adrenaline update - Contracts are being finalized.  Tentative open date of January 10, 2018.

F.     Admin - All Comp & Academy players are registered.  Payments are going well with the new registration system.

V.        Old Business

A.   Waiver Process - Kimberly presented an updated fee waiver form. There is also a new refund process which will help any refunds be processed in a more timely manner.

B. Board Waivers - Board members will get $500 towards fall registration fees for 2017.  Going forward no further waivers will be approved for board members children.

C. Fundraising - Christy is working on a flier to solicit donations from companies.  We are also compiling a list of team fundraising options. At the October meeting we will review the flier and present a plan for soliciting donations.

D. Byaw Updates - Lisa M has a few updates that will be reviewed and voted at the October meeting.

AGM update -

Section 4. NOTICE OF ANNUAL OR SPECIAL MEETING.. Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be published on the front page of North Metro’s web site at least 30 days before the meeting. Any special meetings shall be published at least 7 days prior to the date.  




A. The management and business of this Corporation will be vested in the Directors consisting up to fifteen (15) but not fewer than eleven (11) members. Elections will be held at the annual meeting of the membership as described in these by-laws. 50% of Directors +1 member will be elected in years ending in an even number. The remaining members will be elected in the years ending in an odd number. Each director so elected will serve for a term of two (2) years. Those positions up for election shall be posted on the website along with the name of any individual interested in said position.

Discussion - motion to post the member name up for re-election and the current duties that position holds.

Motion made by Antoine Ziegler, seconded by Fred.  Motion carries.

E. AGM Date - October 29th, 7pm, Bunker Hills Activity Center.


VI.       New Business

A. Pre Audit Findings - The auditor needed a little more time and is planning to attend the Exec Meeting on 10/4 and will also come to present recommendations and feedback to the board at our October meeting on 10/8.

B. Per Diem Policy - see attached for policy.

Lisa Langsdorf motions we approve the policy with the updates discussed tonight. Lori Jorgenson seconded the motion. Motion carries.

C. Training Kit - Uniform coordinators bring 4 options for the new Academy Training Kit.

Tony Brown motions that we go with option #3. Matt Haupert seconds the motion.  

Discussion: Option #3 would like to update this to have North Metro Academy across the front of the jerseys instead of across the back. This increases the cost to $70.

Tony Brown motions we increase the cost of the training kit $10 to be $70. Ryan Schroeder seconds the motion. Motion carries.

Tony amends his motion to move forward with option #3 with North Metro Academy across the front (like last year). Lisa McDaniel seconds the motion. Motion carries.

Option #3:

2 Entrada Gray Jerseys - NMSA patch on left chest, Number on back (8”, navy blue lettering), North Metro Academy across the front chest

1 Tastigo Navy Blue Short - NMA patch on right leg

No Socks

D. Fire Dept Calendar -

Time to renew our Fire Dept Calendar ad from last year. Cost is $700 for large ad on all pages of calendar. Lisa M notes we have the money in our budget.

Nichole Schroeder motions we spend $700 to advertise in the Fire Dept calendar. Fred G seconds the motion. Motion passes.

For the Good of North Metro -

PACT/PCA (Fred) - Tabled to November Meeting

Winter Training - can this be posted online? Also need to add Trainers & Paid Staff bios on Academy Page

Next Board Meeting - Next meeting is scheduled for October 8th, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. at Andover City Hall.

VII.  Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the board meeting was made by Antoine Ziegler and seconded by Nichole Schroeder.  Motion passed unanimously by Board.

Submitted by: Nichole Schroeder, Secretary, NMSA