Adult Participation Requirements

Requirements for Adult Participation:  

1. Approved MYSA Background Check (valid through 12/31/2019)

2. Valid Concussion Training Certificate (valid for 3 years)

3. Valid SafeSport Training Certificate (valid for 2 years)

4. Upload your Certificates to Affinity

Approved MYSA Background Check:

Minnesota State Law and by MYSA Policy require that all adult participants have an approved background check before they participate in any MYSA activity. Merely completing a background check is not sufficient to meet the requirement to participate, the background check must be approved before any activity starts. Please follow complete your 2019 background check before your first interaction with your team. 

Valid Concussion Training Certificate: 

Minnesota State Law and MYSA Policy require that all adult participants complete the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s HEADS UP Concussion Training every three years. The training can be found on the CDC’s website.

Valid SafeSport Training Certificate:

Federal Law and MYSA Policy now require that all adult participants complete SafeSport Training every two years. The training is being offered free of charge through U.S. Soccer’s onboarding link and access code.  Access codes will be emailed to you.

Uploading your Concussion and SafeSport Training Certificates:

Upon completion of each training, you will receive a certificate of completion that must be uploaded into your Affinity account for your club to validate. Save each certificate as a PDF directly from the training portals. Login to your Affinity account and go to your Certificates tab. Click on the appropriate box to upload your file, click choose file, choose the appropriate file to upload, click on the green “Upload Image” button. The pop-up box will close and your certificate will replace the generic upload certificate picture that was previously in the box.

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