Goal Safety

"A safe soccer season does not happen by chance.  It happens by choice."  Help keep our players safe.

  • Instruct players on the potential dangers associated with movable or portable goals.

  • Always inspect goals before each match or practice.

  • Insure goals are safely anchored to the ground. (see anchor styles below)

  • Insure there are no sharp objects in goal area.

  • Insure nets are secure.

  • Insure goals are free of defects.

  • Never allow anyone to climb or hang on goals.

  • Always use extreme caution when moving goals.

  • When goals are not in use, always chain and lock goals up against a fence post or secure object so that goals cannot fall over. Nets should be removed.

Styles of Goal Anchors

Auger-style anchors that are screwed into the ground. Semi-permanent anchors, which require a permanently secured base buried underground with the use of tethers or bolts to secure the goal. Peg, stake or J-hook style anchors that are driven into the ground. Sandbags or counterweights for indoor facilities.

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