Competitive Team Manager Information & Expectations Guide

Download Team Manager Responsibilities (information and expectations for competitive team managers).

Thank you for volunteering for North Metro as a Team Manager!  The Team Manager helps organize the team, supports the coach and works with others within NMSA as needed.

The Team Manager and the Coach should work together to decide who will handle each area below.  Each team does it a bit differently; see what your coach would like to do.

To get started:

All Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Managers must complete these four steps, all of which are done online.  Once these are done you will be given access to Affinity.

  • Background check
  • Concussion training
  • Safe Sport training
  • Upload concussion and Safe Sport certificates to Affinity

North Metro will send you the instructions.  If you do not have them, email to request instructions.

MYSA Affinity

  • Player Photos - Once you have Affinity access, take a picture of each player, coach, assistant coach and yourself, upload the pictures into Affinity.  The photo is a head shot from the shoulders up, no need for players to be in uniform, you only need a clear photo of the face. (Your coach and assistant coach may prefer to take and upload their own photo).

Use MYSA Affinity To:

  • Find your game schedule
  • Reschedule games
  • Activate or de-activate players for each game to show absent players
  • Print Game Day Rosters  
  • Add guest players / subs to your roster

Refer to your Team Manager Handbook for details on doing the items above.

MYSA Website

Separate from MYSA Affinity is the MYSA website at  You may wish to become familiar with the info there.

Team Setup

To kick off managing your new team, you will need to:

  • Maintain a list of contacts for each player. 
  • Collect all players’ availability to play in each game.
  • Sign up and organize picture night for your team, (if your team chooses to do pictures) NMSA will send the picture night date with instructions for signing up.
  • Coordinate uniform ordering, NMSA will provide the information.

Parent Meeting

Work with coach to hold a parents’ meeting to kick things off (usually in fall & spring after team formation).  This can be held at a practice or another time and place you like.  A suggested agenda (feel free to improvise) is:

  • Coaching philosophy (be on time, notify if you will not be there) – coach usually covers
  • Expected training – coach usually covers
  • Expected playing nights and practice schedules – coach usually covers
  • Tournament schedules, indoor leagues - ask parents to bring their schedules to make sure you will have enough players, look at available tournaments– coach usually covers
  • Team activities – coach or team manager
  • Fundraising if desired – coach or team manager (Fundraising application would need to be completed – available on NMSA website under Forms)
  • Uniform ordering – team manager
  • Collect money if needed – team manager
  • Take photos for Affinity (only once per year is necessary) – team manager

Team Communications

Communicate regularly with your team and be sure parents have ongoing information on practices, games, tournament schedules, field directions, picture night and so forth. It’s up to you how you prefer to communicate, some suggestions:

  • Send a weekly email reminder of the week’s coming events. 
  • Put the roster and schedule on Team Snap, Shutterfly, or a Team Outlook calendar. 
  • Know how to reach parents on short notice (such as field change or weather cancellation).  Program home/cell numbers into your cell phone. is one site that sends group texts easily. TeamSnap has alert functionality as well.

On Game Day

Bring a “Game Day Roster” printed from Affinity to each game. This is mandatory to have at each game, the referee MAY require seeing this.   

It is best to have several people that can print this, check with your coach and assistant coach to be sure they also know how to print the roster.

  • Activate or de-activate those playing in the game prior to printing Game Day Roster.
  • You can print the Game Day Roster up to four days in advance of a game.
  • Also ensure that you can find your team on Affinity’s mobile site on a phone or tablet at the game.  The referee MAY require seeing this. The mobile Affinity is found at
  • The home team coach or team manager enters the score after each home game on Affinity’s mobile site or on the computer.
  • Game scores are locked or confirmed when a referee enters a game report.
  • Review your standings to ensure all your scores are entered and correct.


Tournaments and indoor leagues 

The team manager will sign up and coordinate these optional team events. 

You can find tournaments here:

You will:

  • Complete registration (usually done online). 
  • Make payment. Submit a check request for reimbursement or a check to be mailed directly to the tournament for payment. If you are unable to make the payment and be reimbursed, you may work with the club for the club to process the registration. Contact for details.
  • Check-in for tournaments (usually at least one hour before your first tournament game)
  • Bring tournament roster and any other forms required for each tournament. 

Team Account / Money

  • Each NMSA team will have a team account set up.
  • All money must go through the NMSA team account. 
  • Collect payments from each player as needed. Have them make checks out to NMSA.
  • Request payment from or send deposits to your NMSA team account by using the forms found on the NMSA website.  Click Forms (very bottom of page near right side), then Check request or Deposit Request. 
  • You need to submit the money collected from parents to NMSA before a corresponding payment can be sent out.
  • Some teams will collect a small “cushion” from parents to have in the team account for incidentals, training equipment, etc.  This is up to you based on your needs and should be clearly communicated to the team on usage and handling of any remaining amount at the end of the year.
  • Team accounts should be at a zero balance by the end of the summer season.

Understand the Complaint Process
Refer complaints, if any, first to coach, then to competitive director, then to coaching director, then to club president.

At the North Metro Website, click on Contact Us (very bottom of page on right side) to find contacts for:

Competitive director – Contact for general information, MYSA rules

Referee coordinator – for reschedules

Uniform coordinator – Order uniforms

Equipment director – Provides club issued equipment, including game ball, pinnies, cones

Risk manager – Contact for incidents or injuries

Your competitive director is available to help with any questions you may have!

Welcome and thanks again for volunteering for North Metro! 

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