Paid Trainer Per Diem Policy

Travel Expenses for Paid Trainers


North Metro teams with paid trainers who travel as a part of their responsibility as a  trainer for a team shall be reimbursed in the following manner:


Mileage for tournaments more than 50 miles one way.  Mileage will be paid at the rate of $0.32 per mile. Alternatively a team can elect to pay for the airfare and/or car rental for trips in excess of 300 miles one way.  


These will be reimbursed upon delivery of receipts or can be paid by North Metro with a check made out to the vendor, (e.g. the hotel).  It is the responsibility of the coach/trainer to provide the hotel a credit card for any additional expenses. It is expected that paid coaches will stay at the same hotel as the team and that the cost of the hotel will only be covered for those nights that are necessary.  Room upgrades will be at the expense of the paid coach.


A daily per diem of $40 per day ($10 per breakfast, $10 per lunch and $20 per dinner) shall be paid while the trainer/paid coach is away from home.  The team manager will need to determine the final amount of the per diem and submit a check request to North Metro. This should be done at least 2 weeks prior to the departure date of the trip.  North Metro will provide the trainer a per diem check. Should the trip be shorter in duration than expected the trainer/coach will be responsible to return any overage of the per diem. Failure to return an overage on the per diem will result in a reduction in your contract payment.


Any additional expenses incurred shall only be reimbursed with a receipt and approval of the team manager.


When a coach/trainer travels on a trip with more than one team, the teams shall be responsible  for sharing the costs.


All expenses are the responsibility of the team or teams.


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