Spring Summer 2018 Comp Prep

Registration opens January 8th. 

Season Dates:                        
April 23 - June 23  

Comp Prep Fee (includes full uniform):

$175  3/1- 3/25

Playing Nights

Monday - Girls Training 5:45 - 7:00; Boys Training 7:00 - 8:15
Wednesday - Girls Games 5:45 - 7:00; Boys Games 7:00 - 8:15

We are looking for volunteer coaches to work with the teams and trainers. On the training night, coaches and players work in a circuit format with professional trainers as they move through stations while getting to know all coaches and players. On game nights, the coach (and assistant/co-coach) lead their individual team in games against other teams within the program. The Comp Prep field size will be similar to U9/U10 Comp fields, but there are no referees as coaches manage the games while working with the players on those days.

 If you are interested in coaching, please contact our Recreational Director, David LaFlamme and he will note your interest. Coaches will be provided support with training and curriculum material throughout the season, and receive a 50% registration fee rebate at the end of the season. Please consider volunteering for this important position.

The goal of the Comp Prep Program is to provide players, coaches, and parents with the training, guidance and preparation needed for a successful transition from recreational soccer to their 'career' in North Metro's Competitive program.  The Comp Prep Program has developed into the ideal way for players to adjust to the differences between Recreational and Competitive soccer as many players move to U9 competitive soccer in the fall of 2018.  Please e-mail David LaFlamme with questions you may have about this exciting program.


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