2019-20 Anticipated Teams

TBD may be a volunteer coach that will be placed upon completion of tryouts, or a paid coach not yet under contract.

*** Coach name may not be released yet.


Age Group Team Coach
U9 B 2011 Blue TBD
  B 2011 Blue TBD
  G 2011 Blue ***
  G 2011 Blue TBD
U10 B 2010 Black Devin Chuba
  B 2010 Blue TBD
  G 2010 Black Sean Beggin
  G 2010 Blue ***
U11 B 2009 MFL ***
  B 2009 Blue TBD
  G 2009 MFL Dragan Vucinic
  G 2009 MFL Sean Beggin
  G 2009 Black TBD
U12 B 2008 MFL Luke Batters
  B 2008 Black TBD
  B 2008 Blue TBD
  G 2008 MFL Mario Perez
  G 2008 Blue TBD
U13 B 2007 League One Joey Matesi
  B 2007 Blue TBD
  G 2007 League One Dragan Vucinic
  G 2007 Black TBD
  G 2007 Blue TBD
U14 B 2006 Blue TBD
  G 2006 League One Joey Matesi
  G 2006 Black ***
  G 2006 Blue TBD
U15 B 2005 Black TBD
  G 2005 PR ***
  G 2005 Black TBD
U16 B 2004 League 1 TBD
  B 2004 Blue TBD
  G 2004 PR Mike Friendt
  G 2004 Black TBD
  G 2004 Blue TBD
U17 B 2003 League One Luke Batters
  B 2003 Tournament Only Sean Beggin
  G 2003 League One ***
U18 G 2002 PR Mike Friendt

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