Joint Pool Training for 2005-2008 Players Jan.- Register Now

Pool training gives all players from similar age groups within North Metro and Three Rivers the chance to train together over the course of the winter.  Age groups come together and begin in large groups, in that group players are taught the subject of the day (i.e. first touch).  After the broader skill is taught the groups will be split based on ability level into smaller groups to ensure that all players understand the subject matter and are achieving the desired skills.  

Benefits of Pool Training:
  • All players will be taught the same skills that are required to be successful at all playing levels
  • All players will be trained by the best trainers that North Metro and Three Rivers have to offer
  • A style of play can be taught to ensure that players looking to move up to a higher level team understand what is needed to be able to play at the next level
  • The development of the team is minimized and replaced by the development of the individual
  • The fluidity to change the training environment for each individual player as the staff sees fit
  • The culture of the clubs will improve as players will all know each other and not just the players on their teams

Pool Training will run on Sundays 1/6- 3/24.  Times are:

2-3pm  Boys 2005/2006 

3-4pm Girls 2007/2008 

4-5pm Boys 2007/2008 

5-6pm Girls 2005/2006 

Registration is now open for players that are not registered at the Partnered or Academy level.  Players registered at the Select 1 or 2 level are encouraged to attend the joint pool training.  Cost is $60 for 12 weeks of training, including a training shirt.

Sponsors & Affiliates

Minnesota Youth Soccer Association

MN United FC

US Youth Soccer

Challenger Sports Camp


Andover Community Center

The Sanneh Foundation

Dick's Sporting Goods