MYSA Youth Academy Program (Birth Years 2009-2011)

Why is North Metro Soccer joining the MYSA Youth Academy Program (YAP) and how is it different from what has been done in the past?

Since 1979, NMSA has entered teams into the MYSA competitive leagues at the U9 and U10 age groups.  Teams were formed and defined for a calendar year, were set by birth year, were coached by volunteer parents, and each team operated independently (other than wearing the same color jerseys).  This process served it purpose for many years. More recently, we (as a soccer community nationally and internationally) have learned that there are better models. The case of Iceland’s success at the international level is a very interesting study in itself!  About 5 years ago, MYSA initiated a pilot program to try to take advantage of some of the “new” best practices. US Soccer’s Youth Development Model, Minnesota Youth Soccer Association’s Director of Coaching and Director of Education, United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA), and North Metro Soccer Association’s professional staff all support the philosophy, mission, and goals of the MYSA Youth Academy Program (YAP).  The NMSA Board of Directors approved participation in YAP at the May, 2018 Board meeting, effective for the 2018-19 playing calendar. The highlights of what is different include:

  • Emphasis on learning/training vs playing/winning games
  • More support from professionally trained/nationally licensed coaches
  • Flexible teaming per event vs set teams based on exact age and set in stone for a whole year.  Players born in 2009/10/11 may be mixed. Teams (per event) may be formed by age, size, experience, or ability.  There will be at least one event in the fall and spring/summer where the strongest over-all players will be placed together.


When/where are training sessions and games in the Fall?

  • Training will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Pine Hills Park in Andover
  • Training will be directed by Sean Beggin, Technical Director
  • Each event will include 2 to 3 games. This year’s schedule is :



Aug. 26, 2018

NMSA Kick Off

Sept. 14-16, 2018

Prior Lake

Oct. 6-7, 2018

NSC Fall Cup

Oct. 12-14, 2018


  • On non-YAP event Sundays, we will play intra-club games at Pine Hills Park.  No training or games on Labor Day weekend and a tournament weekend may be added as an additional playing option..



What does the Spring/Summer Program Look Like?

Similar to the fall and would include:

  • Training will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting the end of April and Running Through July
  • Training will be directed by Sean Beggin, Technical Director
  • YAP Events will be on Sunday afternoons and we will also arrange for Friendly Games on some Thursdays as well as include the option to participate in approximately 3 tournaments.
  • Spring/Summer 2019 Details will be available by mid November

How much does it cost?

Participation includes the fall and spring/summer seasons which most players will participate in although the Fall Season is optional..  The cost of the fall and spring/summer aligns with the “Select 2” fee structure [$50/month for 10 months]. Players who do not have the competitive jersey kit will need to purchase that [$145].  Winter MYSA YAP events are included in the YAP fee, but training will involve several different a-la-carte winter training options (pool training and/or Futsal), each with a specific additional cost.  

Do players have to go to Tryouts/Player Identification?

Yes.  Players will need to be assessed by professional evaluators.  All players will be assessed to provide baseline data. Players who are not ready for competitive soccer will not be placed in the program.  There will be other opportunities to gain skill and experience and re-assess during the winter for potential spring/summer participation. Player Identification are scheduled for July 22nd to 24th based on Birth Year - players are encouraged to attend both days, but should plan to attend at least one of the two days.

Coaching Philosophy

“Practice” is something done at home to get better at specific skills (much like practicing an instrument).  “Training” is an organized gathering of people who work interdependently under the direction of an expert to gain competence individually and collectively.  There will be a high level of structure and repetition in order for players to develop “automaticity” of foot-eye coordination. We will use US Soccer’s Youth Development Model as a framework for skill development in the areas of: possession/ball control, passing techniques and tactics, deliberate defending, scoring, transitions between offense and defense, and positioning/spacial awareness.  Another important source of philosophy is Daniel Coyle's Talent Code.  We will work on “deep practice”, “ignition”, and “master coaching”, led by NMSA Technical Director, Sean Beggin..

If you have questions that have not been answered here, please email Sean Beggin,


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