Partnership FAQ, June 30, 2019


  1. What is the commitment level to partnership teams?   A team expectation document by age/level will be made available to all members (and posted on both clubs websites) Should team levels change based on tryout/team acceptance results, then an updated document will be provided.
  2. Will my child's age group have a partnered team next year? A representative from the Partnership Staff Committee are meeting with teams (in the month of June) with any age groups that may have at least 1 partnership team in 2019-2020 season. A preliminary list of anticipated teams will be made available before tryouts.
  3. Can a player turn down a partnership team spot and play with their club only? Of course-  NMTR is committed to providing each child with the best developmental team assignment.  If you choose to turn down a partnership position that is completely understandable and acceptable.  If you are thinking of turning down a partnership placement we encourage you to speak with us or someone who was on a partnership team last year family that you feel comfortable with,  so that you can make an informed decision that is best for you and your family. 
  4. What is the determining factor for creating a new partnership team? Other than the top team at each age partnership teams will only be created if they provide greater value to the players. When the clear majority of a team is from one club AND the playing level from top to bottom player is consistent, then there is no beneficial reason to the players to partner.  
  5. Are Partnership teams our TOP teams in the age group? While in year 1 of the partnership we were focused only on combining the C1 teams and pool training,  in year 2 we are looking at the teams holistically and trying to provide the best experience for the players.  If that means that the C1 team comes from one club and the C2 team is a partner team then that is just fine. Every effort will be made to keep C3 teams singular club teams - which may mean that players may be asked to register/play for the other club.  In this case, the player can elect to have 2 club badges on their club uniform jersey. 
  6. During the winter I noticed that both clubs offer a different training model, do I need to be on a Partnership team or do I need to register for the other club if I prefer their training model? The winter of 2019-2020 all winter training will be consistent regardless of club affiliation (NM or TR).  If a player cannot attend a team specific training due to other commitments they can check in with Ben or Brady and arrange to train with another team.  We will now have double the # of trainings to find the best option for your player.  
  7. Where will we practice? Partnered teams will divide practices between North Metro and Three Rivers fields. 
  8. Why is it important for players to play at the appropriate development level?  It is in your child’s best interest to play on a team that best fits their ability. Historical data has proven that a player will excel best when they are challenged by a coach and teammates to a degree that allows them to grow without being frustrated. The key is that the challenge has to fall within their abilities. The same data has shown that a player who plays at a level beyond their capabilities will become frustrated and is more likely to quit their sport. A player who plays at a level that fits their strengths will have the opportunity to grow, develop and become a leader. It is important to focus not on the letter and number but on where your child will best fit. We have a large pool of trainers, coaches and evaluators who have many years of experience at helping your child become the best soccer player they can be. Our clubs will continue to focus on overall player development and place players where they will have the best chance to excel.