Partnership FAQ's

North Metro Soccer Association and Three Rivers Soccer Association  Partnership FAQ's

June 20, 2018


  1. How will this partnership make us better? Both clubs offer many different programs to their families, but with our new partnership we’ll be able to increase opportunities for more players. This partnership will allow us to place as many players as possible on teams within their appropriate age and ability playing level.
  2. How will Player Evaluations be determined? Both clubs will conduct their traditional evaluation process. Players will register for tryouts and attend the 1st day with their home club. From there, selected players from each club will be invited to try out for a partnered team via the 2nd day of evaluations.  
  3. Will fees increase? Only partnered teams will have a combined fee structure. All other fee information can be found on your home club’s website.  
  4. Where will we practice? You will continue to practice on your local community fields unless you have accepted placement on a partnered team. Partnered teams will divide practices between North Metro and Three Rivers fields.
  5. Why is it important for players to play at the appropriate development level?  It is in your child’s best interest to play on a team that best fits their ability. Historical data has proven that a player will excel best when they are challenged by a coach and teammates to a degree that allows them to grow without being frustrated. The key is that the challenge has to fall within their abilities. The same data has shown that a player who plays at a level beyond their capabilities will become frustrated and is more likely to quit their sport. A player who plays at a level that fits their strengths will have the opportunity to grow, develop and become a leader. It is important to focus not on the letter and number but on where your child will best fit. We have a large pool of trainers, coaches and evaluators who have many years of experience at helping your child become the best soccer player they can be. Our clubs will continue to focus on overall player development and place players where they will have the best chance to excel.
  6. Will recreational soccer be affected? No.
  7. Was there input from members of the club? Members with players at varying ages, genders and levels were commissioned to a task force made up from Three Rivers and North Metro. From the feedback from the task force it was clear that parents were interested in improved opportunities for their players.  
  8. What will change for the non-partnered teams? For most families the changes will be very subtle.  We will begin to have some combined programs, but will still operate as two separate clubs. Playing levels U9-U14 will have mixed club pool training in the winter.  This allows us to better serve your player’s developmental needs.
  9. How does this affect our indoor training time? Both clubs currently train at the same facility throughout the 6 months of winter.  This will benefit our players and provide more availability to top trainers at a larger variety of training times.  
  10. Will we have a new name and logo for the partnered teams? No, this is simply a one-year partnership. We will evaluate the relationship during this process.  For the sake of tournament registration, partnered teams will have a designated title.
  11. Will partnered teams wear the same uniforms? Partnered teams will wear a unique, neutral uniform with the badge of each club on the arms.  
  12. Will my club still have a Board? Yes, this is a partnership, not a merger.
  13. Will any teams be participating in the Twin Cities Soccer League (TCSL)? We are continuing to evaluate proper league placement for all teams (TCSL remains in the conversation).