** Player ID info Update - 7/27

Players should attend the date/time for the year they were born as noted online.

Follow this formula to relate the birth year to the age group categories: 2018 minus Year Born is the playing age group (i.e. 2018 - 2005 is U13).  Both birth years and age groups are referenced in different pieces of information, so please be aware of both for your child(ren).

Players required to attend DAY 1:

  • All Players new to NMSA or Comp soccer (Did not play on an NMSA Competitive Team this past year)
  • Current NMSA comp players who DID NOT play on a U9 or U10 Maroon or on an Academy team this past year.  If they were not on one of those teams, they need to attend Day 1.
  • Players who fit the Day 1 criteria and wish to Play-up must attend DAY 1 of their own birth year as well as the birth year they are hoping to play up to if they wish to be considered for both age groups.

Players required to attend DAY 2:

  • Current NMSA comp players who played on a U9 or U10 Maroon or on an Academy team this past year.
  • Players asked to attend Day 2 based on their DAY 1 performance (will be posted online within one hour of Day 1 being completed for each birth year).  Both field players and goalkeepers will be noted.
  • Players attending DAY 2 will be considered for the top team(s) in each age group, but are not guaranteed placement on those teams.  If a player is invited to DAY 2, but is not interested in playing on the top team in that age level or if they are not able to attend Day 2,  they need to notify Kimberly Carr (admin@northmetrosoccer.org) and Jason Jacob (dso@northmetrosoccer.org) and notify them they will not be attending Day 2 and why.


National Sports Center in Blaine (Sports Hall - indoors).  Please park in the Main Parking Lot and enter on the upper level at the Stadium Plaza entrance (north side of building; use pathway between Fields U1 and U2).  Players should bring soccer cleats, properly inflated soccer ball, shin guards and a water bottle.


Please arrive roughly 45 minutes prior to the posted start time to allow for lines at the check-in table.  All players must check in each day prior to entering the fields for the Player Identification – do not go directly to the fields.  GOALIES - when checking in please state that you are attending the goalkeeper Player ID and identify the birth year you are attending. 

At the check-in table the player will receive two Player ID shirts with the same unique number (one blue and one grey).  All players will begin in the blue jersey with some players being asked to switch to grey once on the field.  Players must wear the assigned jersey at all times and keep both blue and grey with them as they could be asked to change, and this is the number with which the player will be identified.  If the player is asked to return for Day 2, the same t-shirt must be worn (again with all players starting in Blue, but bring BOTH colors).  If the player is trying out for different birth years, the same t-shirt is worn the entire time.  All players must keep both shirts as these may also be used for Fall season play.

Unable to Attend

Players who are registered, but are injured and cannot participate or who are unable to attend, must  filll out the absence form as well as  email their age group director as follows (if not done so already- those who have already filled out form are set):
Lisa Langsdorf - u9-u10comp@northmetrosoccer.org  (Birth Years 2008/2009)
Sara Chartier - u11-u12comp@northmetrosoccer.org  (Birth Years 2006/2007)
Fred Guenther - u13upcomp@northmetrosoccer.org  (Birth Years 2002 to 2005)

These players will be placed within their birth year based on their coaches ranking from this past season and/or information gathered by directors – this is not ideal, so all players are encouraged to attend.


Playing Up

Players who wish to play up and are attending their Birth Year as well as the Birth Year up also should also have already notified both Kimberly and the age group director by filling out the required form. A reminder that play ups are only allowed to be placed on the top team of the birth year they are trying out up to and must place in the top 7 players for Birth Years 2008 and 2009, the top 9 players for Birth Years 2006 and 2007 and the top 11players for Birth Years 2002 to 2005).  All players who do not meet this criteria will be placed within their own birth year. 

Team Formation

Team Formation will take place between Sunday and Thursday as each birth year is completed with both team placement and coach alignments being posted once a birth year is complete (All results will be posted on the main page of the club website by midnight on Sunday, August 6th). 

Additional Information regarding Team Placement, Academy and Fall 2017 Registration, as well as Summer 2018 Registration will be detailed on a "Receipt" that the player will receive at the check-in table and/or posted on-line.  All players who have not completed a Decline form as of midnight on August 8th will be bound to the North Metro Soccer Association for the 2017-18 soccer year with both NMSA and MYSA rules and guidelines applying to those players.

Players placed on Academy teams and those who intend to play fall soccer, must complete the necessary registration for those programs by Tuesday, August 8th (Registration will be open on August 1st).  Players who do not wish to accept the team placement they are given must notify Kimberly Carr and Jason Jacob  by completing and emailing the appropriate Decline form by August 8th.  Players registering for the Academy program or fall soccer may request a full refund (not including player id fees)  by August 8th if they do change their mind by that date and no longer wish to participate. 

Questions can be directed to:

Kimberly Carr, Association Administrator at admin@northmetrosoccer.org

Jason Jacob, Director of Soccer Operations at  dso@northmetrosoccer.org

Thank you for your participation in the NMSA Player Identification and Team Formation process and we look forward to working with players over the next year!!

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