Birth Year 2001 and Older Team Formation

NMSA does not hold formal tryouts at the U17 and older age groups, but will be holding an informal tryout/training session for all 2001 and older birth year teams on Thursday 8/3 from 7-9 pm at Pine Hills Park in Andover.  This will allow players interested in playing on teams in those age groups to meet, talk to coach and managers and have a training session or informal tryout as needed. Additional information on this will be sent directly to those players interested. Please email the following information to the contact listed for each team below if interested in joining that team:

Player Name:

Player Birth Year:

Parent Name(s):

Player/Parent Cell Phone Number:


1999 Girls - Premier

1999 Girls - C1

2000 Girls – C2

2000 Girls – C2

2001 Girls – C1

2001 Girls – C2

2001 Girls – C3

2000 Boys – C1/C2

2001 Boys – C2

2001 Boys – C3

Coaches and managers will determine the rosters for these teams with association support as needed.  Players are encouraged to play within their own birth year, but are also allowed to play up a birth year within these age groups.  Questions can be directed to Jason Jacob.

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