Looking for something to do with your player? Need some more pocket money?

Interested in learning to be a referee? You must be at least 11 years old. Please go to the Minnesota State Referee Committee web site at www.minnesotasrc.com for further information. Adult referees are needed as well. Find out more information and sign up for the training.  Referee work is available for outdoor and indoor seasons and you can set your own schedule.

How to Become a Referee

We’re glad that you’ve decided to become a referee.  Being a referee can be a rewarding experience!  We hope that this is the start of a long career for you!

New Referees

Follow these steps to become an official for Competitive North Metro Soccer Association games:

1. Obtain your Grade 8 certification.  Certification is administered by the Minnesota State Referee Committee.  Clinics are offered throughout the metro in February, March and April.

  • Register online with the State Referee Committee 
  • Pay the required fees.
  • Successfully complete the online training and test.
  • Attend a MNSRC clinic.  (A referee may attend their clinic at any location in the state)

2. Sign-up in Game Officials,  our online assigning system

  • Click on the green “New Officials” button on the left hand side of the screen.
  • Enter our Group #:  1145 and our Access Code:  CDG.
  • Complete all of the required information.

3.  Complete Concussion Training

4.  Complete a MYSA background check (FOR REFEREES 18 AND OVER)

All referees must have:

  • Official yellow jersey – Black shorts – Black referee socks – Flags – Whistle – Digital Watch

Existing Referees:

Follow these steps to become an official for Goettsche Assigning:

1.     All officials must renew their certification each year.  Referees will not be permitted to work until they appear on the SRC certification list.    

2.     Complete steps 2-4 of the new referee requirements stated above.


What are the Referee "Grades" and which clinic do I register for?

Grade 9: Recreational Referee

  • Certified to Referee (Center) U9 and U10 games and Assistant Referee up to U14
  • Register for this if you are a new Referee, under age 14

Grade 8: Referee (New or Upgrading)

  • Certified to Referee all youth games
  • Register for this clinic if you are a new Referee, older than age 14, or if you were a Grade 9 Referee last year

Grade 8: Referee (Recertifying)

  • Certified to Referee all youth games
  • Register for this clinic if you were a Grade 8 Referee last year

IMPORTANT : If you are a young or new referee that may want to upgrade in the future, you should keep track of all games you work (game number, date, time, location, teams, the position you worked & the rest of the crew).

North Metro Referee Assignor

Goettsche Refs provides referee assigning services for North Metro Soccer Association.  Please direct all inquiries to them.  You can also contact them by phone or email at:

Chad Goettsche