SDK Pre-Audit Recommendations

North Metro Soccer contracted with an accounting firm to undergo a pre-audit this past year. The accounting firm took a look at our financial records as well as our processes and procedures. There were no findings for fraud or mismanagement of funds.  There were several recommendations to ensure we are doing things properly and with greater accountability.  North Metro is a community asset and we are here to serve our members and understand that being fiscally responsible with the monies we are entrusted is an important part of what we do. The Board of Directors voted unanimously to accept the report and move forward in adopting all the recommendations. Many of the recommendations are already being implemented. Please click here to go to our web page to see  the recommendations made by Schechter Dokken Kanter CPAs.


Policies and Procedures:

     Modifying our chart of accounts for better reporting and budgeting -In process

     Creation of an Employee Handbook to compile policies we have in place and the development of new policies -Scheduled for development

     Creation of a formal policy around the security of personally identifiable information -In process

     Fundraising at both the club and team levels -Completed

     Ending registration waivers for Board Members -Completed


Segregation of  duties in key financial areas

     Handling of cash -In process/ completed

     Disbursement of funds -Completed

     Increased oversight of financial records by the Executive Committee -In process


Changes in Accounting Procedures

     Formally closing each fiscal year at to prevent erroneously recorded transactions and potential fraud. -Will be completed with the closing of 2017

     Changing our accounting basis from a cash basis to an accrual basis.-Completed

     Change accounting methods for team accounts to improve ease of reconciliation and better oversight. -In process


Other Recommendations

     To change our fiscal year from a calendar year to one that more closely reflects our clubs needs (August 1 through July 31) -Completed

     Provide better storage and security of our records -Completed

     Changes to information we include in our 990 filing with the IRS to better reflect what North Metro is and what we do.   -Will be completed with next filing

     Outsource accounting and tax preparation services to an accounting firm with experience in non-profit accounting and taxation.  -Completed

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